Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cloth diapers revealed

I finally did it. It took me forever because I like to procrastinate but the cloth diaper order is in!
Someone on etsy talked about green mountain diapers. I have no idea who they were or what they offered so I checked them out.

I wanted to start with prefolds and this was the perfect site to go to. They're prices are great, and they show a lot of photos of what the diapers look like on the babies which was super helpful!

Now it did take me a couple hrs to decide what I wanted to order because I was looking on etsy and amazon, nurtured family, etc to compare prices. I was on a budget. I knew going green wasn't going to be cheap but I knew I didn't have to spend $300-$400 either since Wesley was already 1 and doesn't use as many diapers as a newborn would.

So I ordered 15 prefolds because that gives me a couple days in between washing. And I really hate to do laundry so this is going to motivate me to do it frequently. And we always have a ton of laundry at our house anyways!!

For the covers I had to decide which was going to be the best for me. I didn't need something super heavy and wanted a cover that was easy to wipe so I could reuse it.

I picked the Lite wrap. I got retro and farm animal.

And I wanted to make sure I had extra coverage at night for Wesley. So I ordered up a dozen preemie prefolds to use as doublers.

And I can't forget the handy snappi to keep the diaper on. I got the package of 3 which included 2 white and 1 mint.

So there ya have it!! My first cloth diaper order. I plan on getting a couple all in one, & one size pockets also to try. But that will be for another post later on....

Do you use cloth diapers?? What kinds do you have? Pros, cons?



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