Saturday, March 13, 2010

Theme of the Week ♥

STARTING MONDAY 3/15: Each day of the week is something different. I want to make time to blog everyday (well atleast 6 days a week & 1 day to recover). So I may end up skipping some days too.

Mystery Monday: Open to anything you would like! Maybe a tutorial, photo-edit, favorite blog post of the week, random photo of something, favorite song or video, craft project, etc. I love mysteries =)
Toddler Tuesday: My little boy is now a toddler *gasp*. I want to showcase some of my favorite photos of the week of my little man.
Wyoming Wednesday: Nature is so beautiful, especially in Wyoming. Each week I want to show you the beauty I've found outdoors here in wyoming.
Thankful Thursday: In words (and pictures of course), I want to give thanks. I don't say it enough and have a lot to be grateful for. Also every thurs @ ishouldbefoldinglaundry is a new photo challenge (you-capture). I've have already participated a couple times already and will continue this.
Fix-it friday: Every friday @ iheartfaces I will show you the weekly photo I've edited with instructions on how I did it. Sometimes I'll even have one of my own photos I've edited and show you how I do that as well, or a neat tutorial.


Spotlight Saturday or Sunday: Each week I will showcase my favorite links from each day!

See you all Monday!!

Please share your post for that week in the comments section!



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