Friday, March 5, 2010

Fit-it-Friday #2 ♥

Once again its that time of the week again where we fix a photo @ iheartfaces.

"having issues with overexposure in the top left corner and with blemishes on his face."


Using CS4
  1. Copied the background layer & did a mask around the areas I didn't want lightened.
  2. Curves adjustment on the area of the boy that was too dark. Did a slight blur on the masked area to smooth the edges.
  3. Color fill adjustment layer to a nice medium blue and changed the opacity of the layer to overlay. Erased everything but the sky area. Slight blur on masked area to smooth edges. Changed layer opacity to liking.
  4. Flatten image
  5. Unsharp mask. 30%, radius 3.6, threshold 0.
  6. Copied background layer, surface blur, erased everything but facial features I wanted to keep smooth.
  7. Patch tool to remove blemishes.
  8. Flatten, dodged the eyes a little bit.
  9. PW warming action
  10. Flatten again, up the vibrance, up the contrast a bit
  11. Masked everything but the hair, and sharpened that a bit more. Using the clone tool, touched up the overexposed area on hair. Reduced the opactity to look realistic. Minor curves adjustment again and am finished.

Wanted to keep the photo bright and warm. Hope you like it!

First edit

Second edit
I did all of the above changes and then ran the seventies action and adjusted as needed. I'm in ♥ with the seventies action. Its totally my signature style. But I love the richness of the 1st edit too =)


candacesoon March 5, 2010 at 8:25 AM  

I have to are really good at this! I love both edits but especially the first one!

Sarah Halstead March 5, 2010 at 12:30 PM  

You did such an awesome job! I really love the second one. Thanks for editing. :)


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