Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fix-it-friday #1

I know its Saturday but I haven't had a chance to upload these until now.
This is my first fix it friday. This is a great opportunity to work on editing skills and learning new things!

Here is the original photo.

First edit
In photoshop
Doubled the layer and upped the curves for the face.
Erased the over exposed areas.
Copied the background layer again and then set it to overlay and brought down the curves to bring out the blueness of the sky.
Added a bit of texture
Unsharp mask on just the little girl layer a bit.
Added pioneer womans 70s action, but turned the opacity down to about 40%
enhanced the eyes with dodge & burn

Second edit
Same edits as first but went into lightroom and added the golden sun preset and adjusted a bit.
Also smoothed her skin and removed the blemishes from the elbows to make her look even more beautiful :)

I can completely feel the warmness of the sun in the last photo.
Hope you like them!

Check out the rest of the amazing edits over at iheartfaces


Leora Sanford February 28, 2010 at 12:48 PM  

BEAUTIFUL! I love that last's got a soft, retro feel to it! :)


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