Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lets try again...

I had recently gotten feedback on some of my photos being too bright and a bit harsh on the eyes. So I did an enhancement on one of the photos I posted earlier. Wanted to know if this warming effect works better. I think so. I really love it. Did a few other minor things but mainly just decreased exposure and warmed the photo.

Thanks Anais for the feedback!

Please click photo to view full size

Little Cowboy

My latest photos are again of my little boy. He really isn't that easy to photograph because he moves a lot and I'm sure everyone goes thru it. Its all about timing =) He was wearing this really cute cowboy outfit and I thought I'd take a few.

It was too cold to go outside and we have a lot of windows in our house so I opened up the blinds and used that for my lighting.

Personally I need backdrops. All I have are sheets, which this one was wrinkled and looks bad, but at the moment I use what I have since I don't have the money to buy $300-$400 backdrops. Anyone know where I can get ones that are less expensive but still work great? Maybe portable ones. That would be convenient.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to the Old West

I did not take this photo. It was one  of my wedding photos. The womens dresses were a very beautiful navy blue but you can't really tell this. Same with my husbands shirt; navy blue.
Photography is 90% skill, 10% equipment.
Since there wasn't a lot of improving I could do to this photo to make it look better, I made it look like an old western photo. With the cowboy getup it fits.

What do you think?

Click to see full size image.

Smooth as ice

I wanted to show a little of what I can do as far as photo editing goes. Smoothing skin, editing blemishes, brightening eyes and teeth and doing it in a way that is not un-natural.

What do you think??

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Stop and smell the wedding flowers......

I was married May 30th 2009 and designed my own wedding invitations. I wasn't going to because there was so much going on, but the person who was going to backed out last minute and left me hanging. So this is my last minute wedding invitations. Let me know what you think!

Photoshop is good for the soul...

Before and After edits. These are a few pictures of my son Wesley that I took. I use Photoshop CS4 to edit all of my photos.
Please let me know what you think. I am open to all negative/positive feedback. It helps me grow and learn!

Click on each photo to see it better.


This photo was actually taken with a Canon EOS 1000F. I haven't used a non digital camera for over 5 years now!
What I love about this photo is the softness of his skin and the intense color from the toys and duck boat. And of course his blue eyes are just gorgeous!



Now for this photo I really just used a basic beginner camera. I wanted to emphasis that you can still take beautiful photos without spending a lot on a camera. You just have to experiment.
I used a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-650.
I did the same type of editing with this photo. Brightened up the photo without losing facial detail, softened the skin. One of my favorites.


This photo was taken on a beautiful fall day in a sandbox/swing area across the street. His first time playing in the sand and he loved it!
Taken with an Olympus E-520.



This was taken the same day in the swing. The before picture was absolutely amazing, but editing can always make a beautiful picture stand out even more. He was a happy guy but sometimes with a giant camera in his face and he can't see my mouth its hard to get a smile out of him!


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